Around here, we're big believers in what's possible.

Get to know us

Every day, we see the possible become the probable, and the probable become the reality.

We see it in medical advances – where we routinely treat conditions that were once fatal.

We see it in research that translates directly into better care and better outcomes.

We see it in families and friends – carrying each other through long dark nights and days.

And we see it in children’s resiliency and their endless capacity for love.

Let’s make anything possible

We are the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

We inspire people to realize the fulfillment of helping sick and injured children.

We exist so our community can offer the best care and support to sick and injured children. We support, but do not deliver care.

Our donors are our reason for being

We earn the support of each donor and volunteer, every day.
We demonstrate value for every dollar donated.
Our donors and volunteers remain at the centre of every policy, decision and action we undertake.

We support consistent excellence in child heath care, child health research and child health advocacy

Our fundraising efforts are transforming and advancing child health care and research.
We achieve our strategies and goals.
We support the right projects.

We are effective

We are known for our excellent stewardship, making the most of donors’ hard-earned money.
We set priorities.
We attract and keep the best and brightest.
We learn and grow by trying new things in pursuit of excellence.

It’s greater than us

The power of giving and receiving is a tangible experience of life in Manitoba, because of the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

On behalf of our donors, and the children and families who rely on us, we have set bold, but achievable targets.

We are the conduit through which our donors support a cause that is meaningful for them. Collectively, we can provide the best for our sick and injured children and their families.

Our commitment

We are committed to supporting constant innovation and improvement to children’s healthcare in Manitoba.

Our promise

We promise to place the health of Manitoba’s children at the centre of every policy, decision and action we undertake.

Our definition of winning

Our donors have built a world renowned children’s health facility and network through innovative research, state of the art technology, the most advanced equipment and passionate, dedicated and inspiring talent.

Since 1971, the Foundation has raised more than $100 million to improve the lives of sick and injured children from Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, and Nunavut. Through the Foundation, your generosity funds important programs; the purchase of essential equipment; and the advancement of pediatric health at the Foundation owned and operated Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba that will improve the lives of children everywhere.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is an independent charitable organization. Our CRA Charitable Registration Number is 11885 2490 RR0001.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is a member of the Children’s Miracle Network and Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations.