A Father’s Love

When it comes to a fathers love, George Strait the famous Country Musician says it best:

“Let me tell you a secret, about a fathers love
A secret that my daddy said was just between us
He said daddies don’t just love their children every now and then
Its a love without end, amen, its a love without end, amen.”

I have to tell you a father’s love is what drives me, and many men to strive harder and be better and to keep his children safe, warm, and fed.

Like many of you, I work, being productive and achieving goals, and try to continually find that balance with life and spending quality time with my three boys and an amazingly supportive wife.

There isn’t anything I would not do for them; it’s a love without end. They and my wife are the reason for being.

For as much as I want to protect my boys, and give anything to see them happy and healthy I have come to learn being a dad is also being vulnerable and exposed to things that we can’t control.

Recently one of my boys took a heavy hit along the hockey boards. At first, I was not sure it was him. He lay motionless, and when I realized it was him, I felt overwhelmed with a sense of grief, fear, and even anger. I could not control what was happening to protect my kid. He was helped off the ice, straight to the dressing room. It was his leg. The feeling of despair was overwhelming, yet I somehow was able to get him into the car and drive to the Children’s Hospital Emergency, praying that I would do anything if he would be okay.

I arrived and handed him over to the emergency doctors and nurses. One of my reasons for living was now in their hands.

I have to say I’m proud to be part of a health system where we have the best doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and researchers anywhere. Within a few hours, my boy was back with me, cast and all, grinning ear to ear that he was fine and survived his first major sports injury.

As Father’s day approaches, I am reminded that I am blessed to be a father, I try hard every day to be the best dad I can, and that I am thankful for all the people that are there to help me along this journey like our Children’s Hospital.

With over 120,000 children that visit the emergency and the 35+ specialized clinics, we are fortunate to have the Children’s Hospital whenever we need it. If this special place has helped you or someone you know, I encourage you to give back. Thank a nurse through our gratitude program, run a fundraising page on your birthday to support the unit that helped your child’s life, volunteer, or become a monthly donor.

To all the grandfathers, fathers, uncles, guardians, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

For the kids,
Stefano Grande

PS: There are so many ways we can be grateful to this place that has helped us in our parenting journey. Find yours at goodbear.ca/waystogive.