A Beautiful Success Story- Let’s Make More Together

Dear friends,

Like you, I’m concerned about COVID-19.

I’m worried for people with elderly parents, friends with compromised health. Parents with children at home. Healthcare workers. Every one of us, as we face our fears in this pandemic.

And yet, I believe what will get us through this crisis is what gets us through every crisis.

Kindness and caring. Love.

Because Love heals.

That’s a universal truth. I see it every single day as I walk through Children’s Hospital. Our staff all love these children we care for.

And it’s more true now, as we battle together to keep Manitoba’s children safe during this global health crisis.

As soon as the coronavirus hit Canada, hospital teams sprang into action and put immediate measures in place to keep kids safe from the virus.

You’ll see in your newsletter that our scientists are leading research into COVID-19. Within days our research team had developed pediatric protocols for treating kids with COVID-19.

In the newsletter, you’ll also read about Éveline. For months after she was born, Éveline fought a daily battle for her life. And she won! This valiant baby girl just turned one-year-old. Donors made the difference.

Read our latest newsletter here: Summer 2020 Newsletter

Gifts from generous supporters like you are more important than ever because so many of our fundraising events were cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions.

This has an impact on our Child Life programs that are so critical in caring for the children who come to Children’s Hospital.

This is a stressful time for all of us – many families throughout Manitoba face uncertainty. But, if you find yourself in a position to help, please consider making a donation to the hospital today. You’ll support COVID-19 research and our Child Life programs. Your gift of any size will help! In the meantime, please accept my sincere best wishes for health to you and your family. Thank you.

With sincere best wishes,